A glitch is an unknown entity in the online world, almost always malicious in intent. They are usually programs that are against the code of the area they are in, criminals and such are often labeled as glitches to ensure they are avoided by the general public.

While guardians and virus protection services exist to rid glitches from the digital world, they are not perfect. Some glitches are incredibly intelligent, and some can even outright disguise itself as a safe program. Mindless glitches often wander aimlessly, though they are aggressive to any other coding nearby.

However, the term 'glitch' can often be placed upon someone due to their deeds or conduct. While it is often a failsafe to keep the internet safe from them, being considered a glitch despite having done nothing wrong is not unheard of.

Viruses Edit

When a glitch has grown out of control to almost critical levels, they are called a Virus. Viruses are often very dangerous codes or people rampaging through the network. Major viruses are akin to large criminal organizations, with the Vertex Core considered the heart of viral activity online.

While a glitch might be capable of conversation despite their questionable methods, a virus will often be psychotic or too far gone to speak normally. Healthy viruses exist, however, and are often the most deadly beings online, period. Like glitches, the term 'virus' is given like a title to programs or people who are out of control and are a major threat to the network. Viruses are hunted by guardians at almost all times, and are often seen on wanted posters across the internet.

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