"There's a flip side to that coin, Pink. Viruses like me need guardians like you on our tails, keeps us hot on our toes where we need to be. But know this, there will be a time when our paths will cross again. And I will be forced to take you down. I won't like it, but I will not hesitate. I can only hope you will give me the same honor."

Mugaman Silver is an antagonist in the Mugaman series, an avatar of Rebecca Valentine. She is a silver / gray Mugaman guardian who was originally part of the Task Force X squad helmed by Professor Claus, before the strife and chaos of being a protector led her down a controversial path and ultimately to being deemed a virus.

Real World Edit

Rebecca was in her senior year of Vista High, as a shut-in who barely spoke or had any sort of social life. She was far from being a troublemaker, and was actually a good student with a clear path to graduation. The corruption of the online world began soon after, and she was entangled in a conflict between Dr. Wahwee and Professor Claus, with the professor having to withdraw from the fight with Rebecca in arm.

The girl had sustained a rather serious injury during the battle, however, and was forced to use a wheelchair from then on. Her depressive demeanor was made worse by this. The professor, feeling guilt for letting his battle with Wahwee nearly take an innocent life, manufactured the first Mugaman suit, and allowed her to use it in the online world where she could escape the bleak life she was heading into. She had found the digital world to be miles more enjoyable than reality, especially since her legs worked here, and had locked herself up somewhere so she could essentially live only online without a single care in the world.

Online World Edit

Wearing a colorless Mugaman suit and indicted into the Task Force X, a squadron of guardian programs led by the professor as a means to keep the networks safe, Rebecca was considered by the programs to be a guardian, and was quickly shoved into this role with the professor trying his best to aid her in this role, but with his own problems and dealing with her method of staying away from reality, his own personal thoughts interfered and Rebecca simply did what she could as a guardian. For a while, the simplest of glitches and bugs had been defeated, and she had gain knowledge and power over time, but the threat of the Vertex Core slowly began to sink into the digital world, and the glitches she was able to fight slowly became deadlier viruses that threw her around like a ragdoll.

Depression once again began to settle in her mind, with the fear that she wasn't able to do the good she could in the beginning. She was once again approached by the professor, who had noticed the strife she was going through as well as the growing danger of the Vertex viruses, but Rebecca was too far gone in her fear and sadness, lashing out at the professor and damaging his armor before running away far into the internet. This act, as well as several small crimes she had unwillingly committed in the suit, had forced the programming to brand her an outlaw, a glitch.

Glitch to Virus Edit

With the mindset that she had let herself fall so far from grace, Rebecca begrudgingly began to simply live an outcast life among the networks. Slowly her petty crimes were only matched by her ability to outrun and soon outfight the guardian programs, and she only grew better at it as time went on. Despite not having a true interest in wicked activity, she still felt she had to do what she could to keep herself going, regardless of who was hurt in the process.

Her little world was broken into however, by the professor. Claus had sought her out and pleaded with her to return with him to his laboratory, or at least let him know where she was in reality so he could help, but Rebecca would have none of it. She placed the blame of what happened to her solely on his shoulders, a guilt which he wholeheartedly agreed with. The entire series of events that led to her current state started with his fight bringing her into it, and it was thanks to his attempts to help her that an innocent life had fallen in such a way. As he tried to speak and help her, she lashed out once again and attacked, this time with the professor fighting back with determination, the guilt of his actions eating him alive. He not only had to stop her attacks on him himself, but he knew that he had to bring her down as a virus.

Rebecca was nearly deleted in the fight, but managed to trigger her suit's abilities and managed to sever the professor from his avatar, kicking him clean off the network. After making several alterations to her suit, and making plans with her newfound Mugaman skills, Rebecca left her hiding spot and lived in the networks as a renegade for life.

VS The Mugamen Edit

The discovery of more teens in the Mugaman suit later in her life would initially send Rebecca into a rage. The professor's callous actions once again pushed upon a group of kids made her angry enough to attempt to delete them as well, with the overarching goal of finding and eliminating the professor. However, after fighting with a couple of them and managing to speak to them, she had settled her mind down from her once murderous intent, especially after conversing with Mugaman Pink, who was the first to attempt to talk to her instead of fight back.

Dubbed 'Silver', she had learned the plight of the Mugamen from Pink. The Vertex Core virus was larger than ever before, with many more active viruses hounding the innocents of the internet. Something she tried to accomplish was now in the hands of a group of much younger guardians. While she considered Pink the closest to a sister she ever had, her nature as a virus was still a constant in her life, and she was forced to inform Pink that the two could never truly be friends as long as Pink was a guardian, and Silver was a virus. Despite this, Silver has lent her aid to the Mugamen if the situation ever gets critical, but she would always keep herself far from them at any other time, as well as harbor her undying hatred for the professor.

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